This website is maintained by the community of LTER Information Managers. It provides a hub for communication and information/knowledge exchange that we hope will be useful outside of LTER as well. The information provided represents practices and approaches taken at the different LTER sites. Please feel free to contact the authors for help and further information or to contribute to this site.

  • The News Section has news and updates
  • In the Home Section reports and meeting notes from IMexec and NISAC and links to the LTER Network office and IM publications may be accessed
  • The Projects Section contains information on every project the LTER IMC is currently working on, e.g. materials for upcoming video conferences and minutes, workshop materials, documents.
  • Under Meetings information about annual IMC meetings, virtual updates and training workshops can be found.
  • The Resources Section is the core of this site with the IM practices which are 'how-to' and the most up to date best practices of general interest to Information Management. The IM guidelines are LTER specific requirements, evaluation criteria etc.
  • LTER Site Profiles contain updates on LTER site related IM activities and comparisons of how IM is done at the sites.

LTER Information Management

The Long-Term Ecological Research Network was established in 1980 by the National Science Foundation. It includes research sites inside and outside the US representing a wide variety of ecosystems and research emphases. At each site an Information Manager or Information Management Team is concerned with technologies that improve collaborations between researchers and technological solutions to enabling data collection, discovery, access, integration and analysis across disciplinary and scale boundaries.
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