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The LTER Information Management Community organizes the online publication DataBits twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.

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Article Types
Here is the list of article types, called 'Databits Sections' in the 'Create Article' view:

1) Feature Articles: Objective, topic-based articles roughly 4 to 8 paragraphs in length
2) Editorials: Opinion-based or experience-based articles that may include personal commentary
3) News Bits: Newsworthy items such as brief synopses of past workshops, meetings, and conferences
4) Good Reads: Brief synopses of pertinent informatics-related books and journal articles
5) Good Tools and Programs: Descriptions and links to useful programs, utilities, code libraries or other resources for informatics professionals and software developers
6) Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently asked informatics-type questions with answers
7) Calendar: Upcoming events, such as workshops and meetings

To submit Calendar items
Calendar events must be after the upcoming issue and may be up to a year in the future.
Email this information to the co-editor. They will assemble the calendar. Include:
1) Event
2) Location
3) Dates
4) URL
5) Brief description, optional. 1-2 sentences.

Instructions for submitting an article

To make a submission,
1) go to the the Databits home:
2) log in (top of page) using your LTER Network username and password
3) click 'Submit an Article' (right of page)
4) enter a Title
5) select a Section (see advice above on Article Types)
6) select the upcoming Issue
7) paste text into the Body text editing box.
8) Preview (near bottom of page)
9) Save

Please ignore the 'Authoring Information' box. If you are submitting for someone else, please indicate this on a line at the top of your article and the Editors will ensure the author line reads correctly.

The body section is where the text of your article goes. Below the text body section see 'More information about formatting options' for an explanation of the differences between the full and filtered HTML formats.

If your article contains any images you'll need to upload and link them. Note this has changed since the Spring 2010 issue. There is no longer a "File attachments" section. Instead, include them in your document through the <img> tag. How to upload and tag an image: In the editor pane, the tiny icon of a green tree means "insert/edit image". This brings up a dialog box. To the right of the "Image URL" textbox is a tiny square icon (blue box with red dots) for "Browse". Once inside that dialog box, click the blue "Upload" link at top. This opens a browse-to-file option. Select a file and Upload. Note the file name in the list below. Click your just-added image filename and hit your keyboard Enter key. (No submit button on form.) Now see that the Image URL textbox is filled in. Add a 1 to 3 word image description (the alt attribute). Click the Insert button at lower left.

To revise your article
10) Click on the 'My workspace' (at right)
11) Click on your article title, then on the Edit tab

In the Fall 2008 issue, Databits moved to a Drupal module, and be administered in a manner similar to the Network Newsletter. The Network Office has put all past issues into the Databits Drupal site for easier searching. PDFs will continue to be added to the network document archive. (As of October 2010, only issues previous to Fall 2008 are archived as pdfs in the document archive.)

The role of editor rotates among IMC members and editors are usually chosen at each annual meeting, which takes place during the summer. The co-editor for edition X is typically the editor for edition X+1. (Note the old email list is no longer used.)

Databits editors:

ISSUE Primary Editor Co-Editor
Spring 2019 John Porter (VCR) Sven Bohm (KBS)
Spring 2018 Eda C. Meléndez-Colom (LUQ) Hope Humphries(NWT); Don Henshaw (AND)
Spring 2015 Wade Sheldon (GCE) M. ("Gastil") Gastil-Buhl (MCR) -- [ no issue published due to last of contributions]
Fall 2014 Mary Martin (HBR) Wade Sheldon (GCE)
Spring 2014 John Porter (VCR) Mary Martin (HBR)
Fall 2013 Hope Humphries(NWT) John Porter (VCR)
Spring 2013 Aaron Stephenson (NTL) Hope Humphries(NWT)
Fall 2012 Adam Skibbe (KNZ) Aaron Stephenson (NTL)
Spring 2012 Theresa Valentine (AND) Adam Skibbe (KNZ)
Fall 2011 John Chamblee (CWT) Theresa Valentine (AND)
Spring 2011 Phillip Tarrant (CAP) John Chamblee (CWT)
Fall 2010 M. ("Gastil") Gastil-Buhl (MCR) Phillip Tarrant (CAP)
Spring 2010 Dan Bahauddin (CDR) M. ("Gastil") Gastil-Buhl (MCR)
Fall 2009 Jason Downing (BNZ) Dan Bahauddin (CDR)
Spring 2009 James Conners (PAL/CCE) Jason Downing (BNZ)
Fall 2008 James Conners (PAL/CCE) Jason Downing (BNZ)
Spring 2008 Wade Sheldon (GCE) Margaret O’Brien (SBC)
Fall 2007 Sabine Grabner (MCR) Wade Sheldon (GCE)
Spring 2007 John Campbell (HBR) Sabine Grabner (MCR)
Fall 2006 Brian Riordan (BNZ) John Campbell (HBR)
Spring 2006 Brian Riordan (BNZ) Steve Bauer (CDR)
Fall 2005 Eda C. Meléndez-Colom (LUQ) Brian Riordan (BNZ)
Spring 2005 Eda C. Meléndez-Colom (LUQ) Jonathan Walsh (BES)
Fall 2004 Jonathan Walsh (BES) Eda C. Meléndez-Colom (LUQ)
Spring 2004 Chi Yang (MCM) Jonathan Walsh (BES)
Fall 2003 Todd Ackerman (NWT) Chi Yang (MCM)
Spring 2003 Tim Bergsma (KBS) Todd Ackerman (NWT)
Fall 2002 Kristin Vanderbilt (SEV) Tim Bergsma (KBS)
Spring 2002 Linda Powell (FCE) Kristin Vanderbilt (SEV)
Fall 2001 Wade Sheldon (GCE) Linda Powell (FCE)
Spring 2001 Brent Brock (KNZ) Wade Sheldon (GCE)
Fall 2000 Ned Gardiner (CWT) Brent Brock (KNZ)
Spring 2000 Ned Gardiner (CWT) Brent Brock (KNZ)
Fall 1999 Karen Baker (PAL) Denise Steigerwald (MCM)
Spring 1999 Karen Baker (PAL) James Brunt (NET)
1994-1999 -- No known issues
Spring 1994 John Porter (VCR)
Summer 1993 John Porter (VCR)
Fall 1992 John Porter (VCR)
Spring 1992 John Porter (VCR)
Summer 1991 John Porter (VCR)
Spring 1991 John Porter (VCR)
Fall 1990 John Porter (VCR)
Spring 1990 John Porter (VCR)
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