IM Executive Committee (IMExec)

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Current IMexec Membership
IMC co-Chairs: Suzanne Remillard (AND, 202x), Stevan Earl (CAP, 20xx)

IMExec Members: Jason Downing (BNZ, 2020), Tim Whiteaker (BLE, 2021), Renée Brown (MCM, 2021)

Ex officio member: Dan Bahauddin (CDR, 2021, EB Representative), Marty Downs (LNCO), Kristin Vanderbilt (FCE, EDI Representative)

IMExec meets monthly via Video-Conference, and in person once/year (funds permitting), traditionally in late winter or early spring. Notes from all meetings are posted here by date. See the "Meeting Notes" link in the main menu under IMexec.

IMExec's responsibilities include:

  • plan logistics and agenda for the annual IMC meeting in consultation with IMC members
  • maintain a liaison to each IMC working group to keep the entire sub-committee up to date
  • coordinate teleconferences (VTC) for the IMC
  • prepare, oversee or request reports and minutes for IMC working group meetings and VTCs
  • review proposals for IM-related activities
  • prepare report(s) for the LTER Executive Board
  • make recommendations to the EB and/or NISAC
  • coordinate responses to requests for information
  • maintain communication with other LTER Network committees and the NCO
  • coordinate participation of IMC members in development of LTER Network-level information management activities (e.g, Tiger Teams)
  • develop and coordinate partnerships between the IMC and other informatics groups (e.g. EDI)

IMexec Role Descriptions

  • IMC Chair/Co-chair: set the agenda for monthly VTCs and at winter IMEXEC meeting, submit Spring report to EB, herd cats
  • EB Representative: Attend all EB VTCs and meetings, report to IMEXEC
  • Annual Reporter: Collate and prepare content and results of annual IMC meeting
  • Note Taker: Take notes, post notes, email IMC that notes are posted.
  • VTC Scheduler: Keep Virtual Watercooler webpage up-to-date, schedule VTCs via Doodle poll, send out a reminder email, ensure that notes are recorded and posted, keep track of participation.
  • Record Keeper: keep this webpage up to date. Tracks membership rotation.