Terms of Reference

LTER Information Management Committee Governance

In 2009, an IMC working governance working group started developing Bylaws or Terms of Reference(ToR) to document and guide the governance and organization of the LTER IMC. Version 1 of the LTER Information Management Committee Terms of Reference were accepted unanimously at the 2011 IMC meeting in Santa Barbara, CA on September 27, 2011.

With the change of LTER organizational structure (2014-2016), when the LNO's funding ended and new awards brought in NCO as the communications office and EDI as the data repository, a need to redefine how the LTER IMC functions was necessary. A new working group convened during the 2017 annual IMC meeting to begin drafting a new document. Version 2 was never finalized, but Version 3 was finalized and ratified by the LTER Information Management Committee on April 30, 2018.

With the finalizing of the first IMC ToR, other working groups were encouraged to develop ToRs.

ToRs for LTER IM working groups
Cotnrolled Vocabulary WG
Unit Dictionary WG

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