Guidelines for LTER Web Site Design and Content

This document was created by the LTER Web Site Design Working Group and reviewed by the LTER Information Management Committee. It was vetted by the LTER Network Community, and presented to the LTER Network Information System Advisory Committee and Coordinating Committee for approval in spring of 2006. The Review Criteria for LTER Information Management Systems states that site’s web pages “should conform to LTER Network recommendations” [1]. Information Management Teams and National Science Foundation Reviewers use the Review Criteria in formal reviews of LTER sites. The Review Criteria and these recommendations may also be used by sites for informal self-assessment and planning, redesigning existing web pages and developing new web pages. The community of LTER Information Managers may need to review and update these recommendations in the future to reflect changes in web and other information technologies, as well as data synthesis and delivery strategies within the LTER Network. The primary goals of these recommendations are to improve access to site information and to emphasize membership in the LTER Network on site web pages.

The Working Group’s recommendations cover three areas of websites: (1) design elements that portray the site as part of the LTER Network, (2) organizational schemas that facilitate easy navigation to information and data at the site, at other sites and across the LTER Network, and (3) access to current and important data and content.

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