C. Content

  • Data Access: every site shall implement the following data access functionalities:
  • Create links that reach content in few mouse clicks and use evocative and straightforward words that reflect the content that will be displayed.
  • We recommend sites include these links from the home page:
    - Site contact information, including information as to how to contact the main administrative staff at the site, including the mailing address, fax number, etc.
    - Searchable site personnel directory for all people involved in the project.
    - Site data from which data and metadata are downloadable.
    - Searchable site bibliography, including searchable citations from publications including peer reviewed articles, theses, dissertations, abstracts, book chapters, technical reports and others. Check with your home institution(s) as to whether PDF files of publications may be downloadable.
    - Progress reports and proposals, including documents that are downloadable.v
    - Research news, nuggets and major accomplishments or links to digital newsletters, RSS web feeds, etc.
    - Network resources, including websites and databases in the Network Information System (NIS), such as siteDB, climDB, etc.
    - Research Description, including information about the LTER project and its research foci.
    - Education and outreach, including, for example, information about education and outreach activities, or downloadable resources for teachers and students.
    - Include Information Management as an integral part of the LTER site and research program. This is a place to highlight IM projects, innovations, and information system specifications.
    - Include the site’s data access policy.
  • Other suggestions for content within the website:
    - List or identify core and long term datasets explicitly
    - Calendar of events
    - Information about equipment and facilities, which will communicate an invitation to conduct research, create opportunities for other scientists and give instructions for doing research at the site
    - Field and/or lab manuals or protocols required by site personnel
    - Software, analysis, and modeling tools
    - Research policies and applications for conducting research
    - Opportunities for employment or volunteers, etc
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