***** Virtual Updates Schedule *****

Virtual update sessions (LTER IMC Virtual Water Cooler) are held on a regular basis by video tele-conferencing (VTC). These sessions have been successful in disseminating knowledge and facilitate a more focused annual meeting. They encourage discussion and collaboration among site IMs. The main focus has been to move the network wide projects forward (i.e., working groups). Notes from these sessions are available online: http://im.lternet.edu/home/meetings/virtualupdates.

The current schedule is Mondays from 3pm - 4pm Eastern. (Monday 12pm-1pm Pacific.).

Possible Future Topics

  • Controlled Vocabulary license (CC-0 or CC-By) RFC (Wade & John) in conjunction with Intellectual Rights implementation progress at local sites
  • EML Congruency Checker new checks, datetime
  • IMC new website (WIRED WG)
  • Future of Databits
  • populations community survey WG - (Margaret, EDI)
  • ToR - IMC to review draft, discuss, finalize, vote/accept
  • Identify Active Working Groups and those “on-deck”
  • Review these topics; are they still relevant?

  • writing the IM section on LTER proposals
  • data model comparison
  • metacat interface design
  • dev topics (javascript?)
  • visualization tools
  • dataset versioning

Upcoming VTCs


September 11 2017 - Unit Registry & Dictionary (Margaret, EDI)
July 24 2017 - IMC Annual Meeting, Bloomington, IN
July 10 2017 - Approach & Structure for the LTERnet website ( Marty Downs); IMC meeting agenda (Gastil)
June 12 2017 - Preparations for Annual Meeting and Updates (Gastil)
May 8 2017 - IM Skillset & Training and Welcome of new site IMs (Stevan)
April 10 2017 - PASTA Quality Engine (aka "The Checker") (Margaret)
March 13 2017 - The DataONE User Interface (Dr. Amber Budden from the DataONE group); Data Access Policy RFC (Corinna); ESIP Sessions, Website Guidelines, IM Training Survey


November 14 2016 - Discussion of which conference to attend and hold next summer's IM meeting; ESIP or ESA (Gastil)
October 17 2016 - ORCID ID (Gastil)
September 12 2016 - IMC Meeting follow-up (Gastil)
August 16-18 2016 - IMC Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA
February 1/2 2016 - future of imexec and nisac and other imc comittees in a nimo future (Corinna Gries)


August 30 2015 - IMC Annual Meeting, Estes Park, CO
June 22/23 2015 - IMC/ASM Meeting Planning (Phillip Tarrant)
May 4/5 2015 - LNO Transition Period and Distributed Information Management Model (Phillip Tarrant)


November 3/4 2014 - Working Group Reports (John Chamblee/Phillip Tarrant)
September 8/9 2014 - IMC Post-meeting discussion and ASM Planning (John Chamblee/Theresa Valentine)
July 8 2014 - IMC Annual Meeting, Copper Mountain, CO
June 16/17 2014 - Update - Annual meeting planning (Phillip Tarrant)
May 5/6 2014 - Update - Annual meeting planning (Phillip Tarrant)
March 31, 2014 - IMC annual meeting planning (Margaret O'Brien)
February 17, 2014 - Planning for IMC at ESIP, Copper Mountain, CO (John Chamblee)


July 24-25 2013 - IMC Annual Meeting, Fairbanks, AK
June 3/4 2013 - Annual meeting planning (Margaret O'Brien)
May 28/29 2013 - GeoNIS summary; Sensor best practices; controlled vocabulary updates (Don Henshaw)
May 6/7 2013 - Best Practices for Pasta (Sven Bohm, Margaret O'Brien)
April 1/2 2013 - PASTA population plan (IMExec)
March 4/5 2013 - StreamchemDB (Don Henshaw, Matt Viehdorfer)
February 4/5 2013 - DEIMS project
January 7/8 - PASTA in production this week - questions/answer


Dec 10/11 - Report from EML data package reports Working Group
Nov 5/6 - Deanna Pennington: Virtual Learning Commons (contact, K. Vanderbilt)
Oct 8/9 - Discussion: planning 2013 NIS production workshops - ONE WEEK LATER!
Sep 9 - IMC Annual Meeting, Estes Park, CO
Aug 20/21 - ASM prep
Aug 6/7 - Report from EML Quality Engine workshop (proposal at: http://im.lternet.edu/node/984)
July 16/17 - LNO update (James, Mark & Duane)
July 2/3 - Planning ASM Workshops
June 11/12 GEO NIS update (Theresa and Adam)
May 7/8 - 2012 IM Supplements brainstorm
Apr 16/17 - Data Availability PlanView
Mar 12/13 - Manual pre-checker checks of EML upgrades ONE WEEK LATER!
Feb 6/7 - EML Metrics Update
Jan 9/10 - Discussion of LTER 30-year review and NSF response


Dec 5/6 Update to the IMC from Fall workshops
Oct 31/Nov 7 Workshops ideas for 2012
Sep 27 - IMC Annual Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA
Sep 6/7 LNO/NIS update; James Brunt and Mark Servilla
Aug 22/23 Spatial Data Management Committee Update; Adam Skibbe
Aug 8/9 EML Congruence Checker Update; Margaret O'Brien
Jul 25/26 Personnel DB; Sven Bohm
Jul 11/12 Controlled Vocabulary and TemaTres; John Porter
Jun 6/7 Climdb migration into PASTA; Don Henshaw
May 2/3 EIMC opportunities
Apr 4/5 Tiger Team Experiences
Feb 25 Personel DB redesign
Feb 7/8 Ontologies; Margaret O'Brien and John Porter
Jan 10/11 LTER, PASTA, and persistent identifiers; Mark Servilla


Dec 6/7 Governance - Terms of Reference document; Karen Baker, Nicole Kaplan
Nov 1/2 Attribute Standardization; Corinna Gries & Wade Sheldon
September 21-24- IMC Annual Meeting, Kellogg Biological Station, MI
September 7/8 - Network Database Redesign; James Brunt, Mark Servilla, James Moss, Mason Kortz
August 16/17 - NIS Update; Mark Servilla
August 9/10 - LNO Update; James Brunt
July 26/27 - NISAC update; Wade Sheldon
July 12/13 - Governance WG; Karen Baker, Nicole Kaplan, Eda Melendez-Colom
June 7/8 - EML Best Practices Comment Forum; Margaret O'Brien
April 22/23 - inter-site IM supplemental ideas
April 5/6 - Unit Working Group progress; Lynn Yarmey & Marson Kortz
March 1/2 - IMC Update and Planning; Don, Margaret, IMEXEC
Jan 11/12 - Introduction to EML Metrics: A new working group: Margaret O'Brien


Dec 7/8 - The LNO Operational Plan
Nov 9/10 - Intro to the IM drupal website
Oct 5/6 - "No dead-ends" website development; Inigo San Gil and Marshall White
Sep 13 - IMC Annual Meeting, Estes Park, CO
Aug 17/18 - General Discussion: Technical aspects of the CI implementation plan, LNO’s plan of action to NSF, IMC future vision and priorities (i.e. wish list) and how they mesh.
Aug 27/28 - General Discussion: Governance, decision making , the role of NISAC, and communication between EB, NISAC, LNO, and IMC.
Aug 31/Sep 1 - Update from Unit Dictionary WG; Lynn Yarmey and Mason Kortz
Aug 3/4 - LNO update; James Brunt
Jul 6/7 - NIS & DAS update; Mark Servilla
Jun 1/2 - Project DB (aka project project); Margaret & Corinna
May 11 - Project DB update to Science Council; Corinna Gries
May 4/5 - Data Centers for Ecology; Bill Michener
Apr 6/7 - Update from Controlled Vocabulary WG; John Porter
Mar 2/3 - Update from Governance WG; Karen Baker & Nicole Kaplan
Feb 17/18 - Data Access Server (DAS); Mark Servilla
Feb 2/3 - ILTER; Kristin Vanderbilt
Jan 5/6 - Planning ASM Workshop; Nicole Kaplan
2009 Theme: "Integrating science and society in a world of constant change"


Dec 8/9 - LTER Data Access as charged by EB; Corinna Gries
To discuss the recent "Data Management - IMPORTANT" email from Phil Robertson representing the EB and their recommendations to the sites of how data should be accessible.
Dec 1/2 - LTER CI Assessment and Needs Survey; John Vande Castle
To discuss if, when, and how, the LTER IM Committee would like to revise the LTER CI Assessment and Needs survey. It is suggested that participants review the LTER Network CI Assessment Survey Summary, your respective individual responses, and probably the 2007 LTER GIS survey which can be found on the LTER technology page at: http://www.lternet.edu/technology/
Nov 3/4 - EcoTrends; the good, the bad, the ugly; lessons learned; Christine Laney
Sept 9 - Annual IMC meeting; Albuquerque, NM in conjunction with EIMC
Sept 2 - Unit Dictionary Working Groups prep, including Karen;s demo of their local activity: Todd/Margaret
Aug 25/26 - Controlled Vocabulary; John Porter
Aug 18/19 - LNO updates, proposal, Ecotrends; James Brunt, Mark Servilla
Aug 11/12 - GIS Working Group prep; Theresa, Barrie, Barbara, Ken
July 21/22 - NISAC; Wade
July 7/8 - IMExec; Nicole/Corinna
June 23/24 - using VTC for update; Margaret/Nicole