2008-08-21 Units WG VTC notes

Attending: Hap Garritt, Margaret O'Brien, Todd Ackerman, Jonathan Walsh, James Conners, Mason Kortz, Mark Servilla, Inigo San Gil

1. organization of drupal web area for units
1. all content should be under Committees->WG->Unit Dictionary

2. what should happen before IMC in September
2.1 Best practices will not be complete, but draft outline will be finished, and sections assigned to writers
2.2 Ensure that Mark Servilla is available for WG activities on 9/9
2.3 To the extent possible, add all currently used custom units to the current db

3. content of VTCs on 9/2 and 9/3
3.1 outline goals of this group (all custom units in, maybe by 9/9)
3.2 summarize status, activities of 2007, lessons learned
3.2 introduce activity for IMC meeting WG - the core WG will be compiling knowledge of how each sites creates units

4. September WG (1:45 length and ~10 people from IMC):
4.1 Topic: Begin outlining and discuss possible vetting processes for units.
4.2 Once units are in db, anyone interested can become familiar with the scope of variability and range of problem encountered by core wg (in their activitiy of 2007).
4.3 Discussion can become spirited, we may need a strong moderator or sargeant at arms!
4.4 possibilities
4.4.1 digg (popularity)
4.4.2 establish a committee and let them decide
4.4.3 dictator
4.5 summarize what do people do at their individual sites to decide what is a unit - how can these practices be scaled to a larger community?

5. mid-term tasks:
5.1 add all custom units to current db
5.2 analyze schema in light of new additions and long-term life (engage the folks at scripps - they have changed their copy of the schema, and have some concepts for web services.

6. Long term tasks