Present: Todd Ackerman (chair), Karen Baker, James Conners, John Campbell, Mark Servilla, Hap Garritt, Mason Kortz, Margaret O'Brien, Dave Balsiger, Suzanne Remillard, Jim Laundre, Corinna Gries

Status: We have ~800 unique (and site-scoped) units to add to the customUnit dictionary.

Taken from VTC notes: Our purpose here is to
- Armed with this knowledge we need to open up discussion of the vetting process that has eluded the unit dictionary effort for quite some time.
- At the working group level, we have discussed potential vetting tactics, but this effort needs to be opened up to a broader IM community.
- We will also be discussing access to the unit dictionary.

To Do:
1a. Put the 800 into the unitsDB (Oct 31).
1b. Finish Best Practices recommendations - for both attributes and units (Oct 31) TODD, MARGARET, HAP, MARK, KAREN
1c. Send [ARC, HBR, CCE, PAL, PIE, SBC, NTL, AND] a set of their own units to review and resubmit, and reply with comments on the best practices (Nov 30).

2a. Database: current db needs to be accessible
2b. Refactor database for multiple levels of scope on a unit. Alter db schema as needed. (Mason and James).
2c. Repopulate database with any reformed units received from the group in 1c (same scope)

3. Level of scope: There are now two levels of 'Vet' Site and LTER
3a. site (as units are submitted)
3b. network (vetted by the Units committee)

4. Vetting:
4a. Send the list of custom units back to each site and ask if they still would like these entered in the database. Some sites will want to refine their definitions.
4b. After develop a committee of IMs (UDWG) to review all the submitted
4c. A unit is 'vetted' when it takes into account the Best Practices.

When some number of sites (e.g. 10) are creating the identical customUnit: Will need to refactor the db to include a join table, which has the refs between the new and old scopes. Then a site can retrieve it's units.
The unit gets moved up to the network level once it has been vetted.