VTC Notes 2009-01-22

1. Milestones (dates negotiable!):
March 09: Final Best Practices doc deadline: March (comments on existing content to Todd by Feb1)
??April 09: Engage the handful of sites that have volunteered to review their own units.
ASM 2009: Demo of unit dictionary query application and web service!

2. Best practices;
currently at http://intranet.lternet.edu/im/news/committees/working_groups/unit_dicti...
Most people seem to like the static document format, rather than converting it to drupal content. Margaret is looking a ways to go from documents to xml (docbook)

Additions to best practices: need better descriptions and definitions of attributes and units.

Units BP can recommend wording: e.g., unit, then modifier, as in meterSquared, not squareMeter. Either is acceptable, and both are uesd in the current standard units.

best practices doc can outline a possible vetting system using its recommendations.

3. Schema:
Mason's doc with schema outline, and interface needs (attached doc below)
Mason highligted the changes. We aggreed that these schema changes looked good.

Mason's jan 2009 draft: UnitDictionaryImplementation_Draft.pdf80.77 KB