2010 IMC Meeting

September 21-24 at Kellogg Biological Station (main meeting, September 22-23)

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Welcome to the 2010 LTER IMC meeting at KBS. We have two full days planned (Wednesday and Thursday), plus some optional activities on Tuesday evening and Friday morning that we hope you will plan to attend.

IMExec has identified three focus topics, and organized the meeting around these. There will be opportunities for work on other topics as well. The optional last half-day (Friday) was suggested by several IMC members to take advantage of our face-time and move projects forward. The focus topics for 2010 are:
- IMC Governance (meeting docs)
- EML Dataset Contributions to the NIS (meeting docs)
- Redesign of Network Databases (meeting docs)
For each topic, there are breakouts planned to give everyone the opportunity to present and discuss issues (on Wednesday). On Thursday, after report-back from Wednesday, the respective working groups will meet simultaneously in breakouts for their own product-oriented activities. On Friday morning, we have optional breakouts which may be an extension of Thursday's work, or used to plan new projects. IMC work groups not related to the three focus topics are also invited to schedule breakouts on Thursday or Friday. WG chairs should contact IMExec if you have not already heard from them.

Other activities:
- First-evening dinner for whomever is available. This year's discussion topic will be "Decision-making for data contributions to the NIS" (Tuesday evening)
- Tour of the KBS station, which will be organized by the KBS staff, and we will be joined by Phil Robertson, KBS-LTER PI and chair of the LTER Executive Board and Science Council (Wednesday)
- VTC with NSF program managers and Phil Robertson (Thursday)
- Poster and Demo sessions (Wednesday and Thursday evenings)

Focus Topics material Business meeting material
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