California Current Ecosystem SiteBytes 2012

This past year, Information Management at CCE LTER has been focussed primarily on reviewing the
current state of data management at our site, with a focus on identifying areas of weakness and
developing plans for improvement. Recent changes have been directed by the newest guidelines
set forth by the Executive Board, as well as the our readiness to work with PASTA in the approaching
new year. This September also marks the fifth month for Scott Gordon, our new Assistant Information
Manager, working in our group.

With the supplements we've recieved for the next year, we're planning to address data
availability issues by hiring additional personnel for a 12-month period. We're using the results
of internal data management reviews to develop plans for these individuals to assist
information management in improving both data availability and quality. Our initial focus will be on
improving metadata structure and content as well our NIS publishing protocols in order to provide
PASTA-ready data submissions to the network.