Konza Prairie SiteBytes 2012

IM activities at Konza for the past year have largely been spent working to respond to the 2011 midterm site review, general tweaking of pieces of the Konza IMS, and, of course, a heavy focus on updating EML and data. At the network level we have participated heavily in the conceptualization and development of the GeoNIS (including participation in the GeoNIS workshop), and attended SensorNIS as well.

Our most recent supplement was put towards personnel, with focus on assisting with EML, continued web-site maintenance (including value added projects for data access and QA/QC), and development of additional GIS data sets. Thus far we have hired a part-time student assistant to help vet/update existing EML, and a full-time (3 month position) GIS Technician to assist with the cleaning and documenting of several new GIS data sets. These data will better tie existing Konza data to specific locations of their collection... something we did not previously offer. Hiring of additional personnel is targeted for after ASM.

Post-ASM requests will likely be targeted towards GeoNIS related activities. This may include a meeting to work out final kinks in our plans / meet with a developer, or training focused on working with the product once it is finished. The ideas are there in a general form but as usual, the face to face of the meetings will help revise these into something workable, and useful to the community.