Meetings notes: second meeting, 10/19/2012

WG VTC Friday, October 19, 2012
Participants: Philip, Duane, Adam, Linda

The group reviewed the report attributes and agreed that they form a reasonable "straw man" set that can be developed as time goes on.

Duane reported that Margaret O'Brien recognizes the need to keep the Congruency WG operating at some level in order to accommodate changes in checker requirements. He confirmed that this group is not expected to take on that responsibility.

Duane also confirmed that any new reports will need to be developed essentially from scratch as PASTA has changed significantly since the last reports were produced. Potential report production falls into two groups:

  1. Reports based on our Legacy Metacat database (7000+ datasets), and
  2. Reports based on the production PASTA database

A quality report for the current Metacat installation would produce one XML file per entry. Then a program would need to be written to parse these file into a DB table or tables. The DB can then be queried to extract the report attributes and to generate the reports.

The purpose of these reports should be to gauge our progress in improving quality and volume of submitted datasets and NOT to compare sites with each other.

Duane suggested that the LNO may be able to utilize James Brunt and Yang Xia to assist in creating these reports. We should also consider whether there are skills available at sites to assist with this task.

It was agreed that mock-ups of reports would be valuable at this time so that we can agree on format before actually creating the draft reports. It was recommended that these reports should be business oriented in style, possibly with graphics. There are potentially two types of report: a network level report and a site specific report. The site specific report should gauge a site's progress possibly by percentile rather than an explicit league table.

Issue(s): Problems with the way in which data access is recorded would result in sites being sent large numbers of e-mails. This would need to be disabled in some way prior to the reports being run.


  1. Create two report mock ups for review by the WG – PHILIP.
  2. Review mock-ups and provide feedback - ALL.
  3. Review links (and their content) in the Resource Google doc (Data package links/resources)- ALL.

Next Meeting (VTC): W/B 11/05/2012.