NISAC VTC Agenda 9 May 2013

Agenda and Meeting Notes

Online meeting Thursday 9 May at 10:30 AM pacific, 11:30 mountain, 12:30 central and 1:30 eastern on Polycom VTC

If you have not set up Polycom yet, please contact James Williams

1. Welcome & What is NISAC (Paul)
1.1 Overview of the NISAC web pages and documents* (Suzanne)
1.1.1 Terms of Service
2. Current issues
2.1 VegDB experience with PASTA (Suzanne)
2.2 NISAC Annual Report (Paul)
2.3 Communication with IMExec (Gastil)
2.4 Terms of Reference (Suzanne)
3. July In-person meeting in connection with IMC (Gastil)
3.1 Poll on scientists willingness to travel to Fairbanks (
4. NISAC gathering at Science Council meeting ** (Gastil)

Meeting notes are attached as a pdf. See below.

* NISAC documents:
1) On the LTER Intranet site:
2) Additional links on the IM website:
a. Relevant Network Documents for NISAC:

** link to SC agenda next week:
NISAC informal gathering will be Tuesday evening after dinner, location suggestion: hotel lobby; time suggestion: 7:30-8pm?

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