Jornada Basin SiteByte 2013

The Jornada has been busy for the last year updating documentation and data in preparation for populating all long-term Jornada datasets into PASTA. This has included converting our data files from fixed format to comma-separated value format and updating metadata to be congruent with the data it describes. All long-term datasets are now in the LTER Metacat with full attribute level EML and contain direct links to our dataset packages and the individual data files. We plan on processing the remaining Jornada datasets in the same manner once we have migrated to DEIMS v2 so we can take advantage of the much improved metadata entry forms.

Full attribute level EML are now being generated for all Jornada long-term datasets from DEIMS (Drupal Ecological Information Management System) metadata content. Dataset packages and files were manually created and uploaded to the DEIMS-driven data catalog after concatenating data into a single file per dataset which were then converted to comma-separated format and packaged with related GIS shapefile packages that were created by Barbara Nolen, who retired last year after ~20 years of service to the Jornada Basin LTER program. All EML metadata generated from the Drupal 6 based DEIMS has been successfully harvested to the LTER Metacat server.

Ken Ramsey created views of the DEIMS metadata to create the new Jornada data catalog ( and long-term datasets ( web pages. Further modifications to the data catalog and long-term dataset pages have been postponed until the metadata and data have been migrated from Drupal 6 to 7. The same goes with improving EML congruency, we decided to wait for DEIMS v2 to be released. This gave us a few months to prepare for migrating our websites and data to Drupal 7 and to upgrade our server virtualization environment and storage area network.

The current Jornada data catalog and image gallery were migrated to separate websites and integrated with the Jornada website using iFrames in preparation for migrating the remainder of the web content to Drupal 7. Ken Ramsey and Jim Lenz have also been consolidating storage arrays in our SAN to allow Jim to manage the Jornada's storage growth more efficiently. Jim upgraded our hypervisor servers to XenServer 6.1, which was not painless. A few bugs were encountered during the upgrade, which prompted the purchase of support from Citrix. We were pleasantly surprised that the pricing for Premier support has gone down significantly. We were able to license Premier support for for 6 seats of XenServer Enterprise for less than the cost of a single technical support incident! This will be a valuable resource for Jim and help in keeping Jornada virtual servers available 24x7x365.

Ken Ramsey, Jim Lenz, and Valerie LaPlante are currently migrating the Jornada website ( from Drupal 6 to 7. After migration to the new Drupal 7 based DEIMS, we should be generating fully PASTA compliant attribute level EML that can be used to populate the LTER Data Portal with all long-term Jornada datasets. The timing of the Information Managers Meeting could not be better for Ken to learn more about deploying the new DEIMS and methods to migrate data and metadata content from Drupal 6 to 7.