NISAC VTC Agenda 20 Nov 2013

Wednesday, November 20th 9-11am PST/12-2pm EST on Polycom

(Detailed agenda has been email attached; for most current revision see agenda as google doc)
We may refer to a google doc presentation.

Agenda Outline

Please review the material ahead of time and be prepared to discuss:
· Introductions (5 minutes)

  1. Continuity between current LNO and future LNO (or no LNO), with respect to information systems (50 minutes)
  2. NIS Components (after update from Mark Servilla) (35 minutes)
  3. NISAC Business Items (30 minutes)
    • . NISAC Terms of Reference - this is a document that clarifies the role of NISAC and orients future NISAC members. It was put together and vetted by previous NISAC members, but never ratified. Please review this document and if you have any suggestions or comments, send them to us ahead of time. We would like to ratify this document at this meeting.
    • . Spring meeting (begin to identify dates and format)
    • . Replacement NISAC members

Reference documents:

NISAC draft Terms of Reference (April, 10 2012)39.5 KB
PASTA Tasks revisited on highway 61 - Google Drive.pdf116.28 KB
NISAC VTC notes from November 20, 2013227.44 KB