Information Management System (IMS) Guidelines

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This working group was reactivated in September of 2016 with the charge of updated the 2009 LTER Information Management System Review Criteria. These have been restated as Review Guidelines. The working group met over the fall 2016 and winter 2017. They held a VWC on February 13, 2016 to discuss a draft version (20170226). After this VWC, input was considered and a final draft was created (20170214) in preparation for a review by the LTER Executive Board.

Committee members are:
Kristin Vanderbilt, lead
John Porter
Yang Xia
Emery Boose
Suzanne Remillard

LTER_IM_Review_Criteria_V2.0._20170110.docx18.77 KB
LTER_IMS_Review_Criteria_V2.0._20170206.docx22.2 KB
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