October 2016 Virtual Water Cooler: ORCID ID

LTER IMC VWC; Monday, October 17, 2016
Zoom meeting

Participants: Gastil-Buhl (MCR), Suzanne Remillard (AND), Wade Sheldon (GCE), Margaret O’Brien (SBC), Don Henshaw (AND), Stevan Earl (CAP), Dan Bahauddin (CDR), Emery Boose (HFR), Jim Laundre (ARC), Mary Martin (HBR), Yang Xia (KNZ), Matt Jones (LNCO), Jonathan Walsh (BES), Jason Downing (BNZ), John Porter (VCR), Duane Costa (PASTA), Hap Garritt (PIE), Mark Servilla (PASTA), Hope Humphries (NWT), Marty Downs (LNCO), Sven Bohm (KBS)
Notes by Suzanne.

Today's Agenda:
1. LTER sites with ORCID IDs.
2. NCO & Dataone talking about ORCID ID
3. EML Implication?
4. Topic for the next WC - the option of an annual meeting?

Progress on ORCID’s at sites:

Corinna (update from Gastil) - She suggested to site and a lot of people are getting them. She is entering them into her IMS.
Suzanne – Has not discussed with site, but has got her own.
Wade – discussion with site exec. Everyone agreed that it was a good idea. Changed IMS to include; in personnel list. Made newsletter article about change (http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/public/app/announce_details.asp?id=692). Now automatically goes into EML.
Margaret – Pattern will follow Wade’s. Need to modify Metabase to include it; will need to change export scripts. Not sure how to gather them. Will discuss at upcoming annual meeting.
Don – We have our annual PI meeting next week. We can use it as an opportunity to push the idea.
Stevan – Personnel DB is at department level, so not easy to include. Current PI (Nancy Grimm) is receptive to the idea. Using it in training groups.
Dan – Met with site leadership; general agreement to pursue it. Most already have them. Has not rebuilt system to incorporate them into IMS or EML.
Emery – Great idea. Has not pursued yet. Are there best practices for how to use it in the EML? (see Matt Jones PowerPoint from annual meeting).
Jim – Library has been pursuing it, so a lot of PIs already have them. Has not had time or opportunity to pursue it. Should be fairly easy to incorporate it into system.
Mary – Site had quarterly meeting in October and Mary brought it up. A lot of people already had IDs. She was able to find most. Will incorporate it into personnel DB.
Yang – Talked to PI and most scientists and grad students already have it. She hasn’t incorporated it into the system yet, but she is gathering them.
Matt Jones – Incorporating IDs into ADC (artic data center).
Jonathan – Sent letter to PIs, they were very receptive; most already have one. He is working on modifying his IMS to incorporate them.
Hope – All investigators already have them. Hasn’t incorporated it yet.
Marty – Happy things are going so well and they will consider how to incorporate them into the site.
John – Most people have ORCID. No resistance to it. It’s built into his personnel DB.
Duane – Has his own ID. Wonders how this will affect authentication and identity management in PASTA.
Hap – Lead PI already has one and explain some issues she’s had with its use; questions its accuracy. He will bring it up at annual meeting in the spring.
Mark Servilla – Agrees with Duane.
Sven – Added field to personnel DB goes into UserID in EML.
Jason – Altered DB for ORCID. Searched for lead PI’s ORCID. Response was lukewarm.
Gastil – talked to science coordinator; he’s familiar. Will bring it up at annual meeting next week. Will incorporated it similar to Margaret and Wade.
Matt and Marty can help if there are questions about the ORCID. They presented some very convincing evidence about why we should have them, the purpose and function.
Margaret - Should be used as UserID in the EML. Could be multiple identifiers.
Wade – There are existing identifiers in the personnel DB. Do we want to include LTER ID. Who should get an ORCID? All PIs, everyone??? Are there ways to link IDs?
Suzanne – Not thrilled to have to go back and reupload datasets just for the ORCID.
Mark – uses checksum value to check whether content is the same; does not replicate data.
Gastil – will incorporate ORCID in the future, but won’t go back and reupload if there isn’t any other purpose. She would have to prioritize.
Matt – DataOne is trying to show all DBs that are from a provider via ORCID. It would be a nice display for LTER.
Gastil – Is it possible for Matt to give us a heads up when this type of search is developed.
Marty – A notable timeline for LTER is the 40 year review of LTER sites (2020).
It is possible for a person to have multiple ORCIDs. At one time there were 3rd party entries. They can possible be merged. There’s a lot junk in ORCID. Each ID needs a unique email address.
Matt – Thinking about identifiers for institutions to link grants, programs, and projects to databases. Looking at FUNDRough, GRID (pasted link). Could be very complicated and challenging.

Other Items from IM-Exec:
Minutes from October meeting will be posted on IMC website today (Jonathan will post).
Annual IMC meeting: If we decide to have an annual meeting, we need to get on it. This is the year to meet with a larger organization. Options being considered are:
ESA: August 6-11, Portland
ESIP: July 24-28, unidentified location
EDI will be meeting with these other groups, so some folks will already be there.
Have people been thinking about an annual meeting? Would you go, even if your site didn’t pay? Is anyone interested in being on the planning committee (Stevan, Dan, Hope, Jason).

Presentation at IMC 2016 breakout, by Matt & Marty:

From Wade at GCE:
The extension of the Metabase ERD for ORCID (and other such IDs)

A nice intro/overview is the proposal for the IMC 2016 working group from Marty & Matt

example datasets with ORCID
https://portal.lternet.edu/nis/mapbrowse?packageid=knb-lter-sbc.103.1 (path: //dataset/project/personnel[2])
https://portal.lternet.edu/nis/metadataviewer?packageid=knb-lter-gce.602... (mixed example, with no orcid for creator but orcid for associatedParty)

A note that addresses the duplication issues

NCO is also looking at options for organizations IDs, and funder IDs. Solution may be slightly different than for people.
One that looks promising is grid:

Comments and Links from Chat:
From M. Gastil-Buhl to Everyone: 12:02 PM
From John to Everyone: 12:27 PM
Would anyone like to share a link to a metadata document with an ORCID, so we can see if we are doing things the same way. My link is https://portal.lternet.edu/nis/metadataviewer?packageid=knb-lter-vcr.89....
From Margaret O'Brien to Everyone: 12:28 PM
John, I added this example to the drupal pg
From John to Everyone: 12:31 PM
Great - so far we look identical (which is GOOD)
From John to Everyone: 12:39 PM
http://orcid.org/blog/2014/01/09/managing-duplicate-iDs addresses the duplication issu
From Matt Jones to Everyone: 12:44 PM

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