November 2016 Virtual Water Cooler

LTER IMC VWC; Monday, November 14, 2016
Zoom Meeting Video

Today we will discuss the option of next year annual meeting. No funding was included in the LNCO budget to support an LTER IMC meeting in 2017, so we will have to look for other opportunities to meet next year. Two good options are the ESA meeting in Portland, OR (Aug 6-11) and the ESIP meeting in Bloomington, IN (Jul 24-28). EDI is planning activities in conjunction with both of these meetings, therefore some funding may be available for participant support. The DataOne Users Groups will also meet in conjunction with ESIP.

Please attend today's VWC so we can discuss whether to plan a limited IMC meeting in conjunction with one or both of these conferences. We will also discuss whether there's sufficient interest in proposing our own LTER-focused training workshop at ESA, because session proposals are due this Thursday (