IMExec VTC 2017/02/09 Notes

IM Exec monthly vtc Weds Feb 8 at 11 am Pacific

Wade reported from the latest EB meeting. See EB's own notes.

IM Exec reviewed the status of each working group...

WG: IM Training

The IM Training WG met on the 24th of January, and will meet again on the 7th of February. The committee is beginning to formally develop language for a community-centric training approach, which would consist of a panel of current IMs serving in an advisory capacity, and for new IMs to visit an LTER site to receive intense, focused training regarding the IM system at that site. The committee is also developing a catalogue of IM-specific skills, but with particular focus on LTER IM (i.e., not IM broadly). Finally, the committee is preparing a survey to be distributed to current IMs requesting input on skills they would be interested to have the opportunity to develop. [Written by Stevan] Also met Feb 7th.

WG: IMS Guidelines aka Site Review

New revised draft sent out by Kristin in Feb 8 email to whole IM list. Next Monday Feb 13 is whole IMC water cooler with topic of this doc.

WG: Website migration / redesign aka WiReD from Brian Herndon
1. At the end of December, Nick at NCO created a sandbox for the current Drupal 6 version of the IM website and finished a sandbox Drupal 7 version in January. Not all of the modules in 6 are available in 7 so the group is in the process of determining which modules should be kept.
2. Once determined, this will be combined with the content assessment we have already done to decide how to structure the website and what content will be "active" and what will be "archived".
3. WiReD will also discuss other web hosting options such as Google sites or Wordpress which are the platforms that NCO are using or plan to use with the new LTER website.
The next WiReD meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 2/21 at 3pm ET.

EDI: see newsletter in email from Kristin on Feb 3.
Entire 1-page newsletter relevant to IM Exec. Be sure to read.

DataONE: see newsletter
Page 6 looks most relevant.


From Marty:

  • 5 synthesis working groups established, see: and
  • EDI/NCO/LTER/DataONE etc. meeting scheduled 4/11-4/13
  • NSF Minisymposium scheduled March 21.
  • NCO strongly favoring Wordpress for relaunching lternet site
  • Discussing resolution of SiteDB, personnelDB and BiblioDB with EDI and aiming to make make a joint recommendation to IMexec within the next two weeks. We would appreciate IMExec's feedback (and assistance) on vetting recommendations with IM membership.
  • Planning to move mailing lists to google groups, giving more direct control to committee chairs alongside NCO. ( domain for maillists would remain intact, so the move should be virtually invisible to mailing list users). As part of this move, we are planning to give ownership of site-specific lists to site IM's. Marty will confirm individually with site IMs that they have other options and have any information they require. Timeline for the move will depend on outcome of those conversations.

From Gastil:
Gastil met with Marty Downs of NCO on Feb 3 for monthly IMC-NCO discussion. 2 topics. (1) How to best engage the whole IMC in understanding the new emerging “greater landscape” of edi/nco/d1. (2) What new at NCO impacts IMC.
Provide context. Be sure site IMs have recent relevant updates activities and plans that affect their own work and the IMC.
NCO is not going to modernize/fix/connect/recode either PersonnelDB, SiteDB nor BibDB. For BibDB NCO may suggest/guide usage of other things like WoS to replace that functionality but not offer a cross-reference tool between LTER Sites and pubs, or Datasets and pubs. PersonnelDB and SiteDB are currently static and manually updated by Marty, taking up to 10% of her time (one sig digit). The value of these databases is acknowledged, and their relevance to communication acknowledged, but they wont be done by NCO.

(3) Email lists still have not yet moved to Google Groups but will soon.

Offering for comment from LTER Site IMs: the response IM Exec wrote to the topic "How DataONE, EDI and NCO can best serve LTER"

1-page summary by Emery Boose

6-page discussion by IM Exec

Next imc water cooler Feb 13 topic is IMS Guidelines. Please read the latest draft Kristin mailed Feb 8 prior to the water cooler meeting so we will be aware anything we might want to discuss or bring up the following Monday. Be sure you read the file LTER_IMS_Review_Criteria_V2.0._20170206.docx not the earlier draft.

Deadlines ma be approaching for summer meeting planning? Do we need to form an ad hoc meeting planning committee (external to im exec)?