March 2017 Virtual Water Cooler

LTER IMC Virtual Water Cooler
Monday, March 13, 2017
at 3pm Eastern / noon Pacific on Zoom
Connection Link:

Main Topic:

The DataONE User Interface
and how it may be useful to LTER for...
Presented by Dr. Amber Budden from the DataONE group

Secondary Topics:

1. Request for Comment (RFC) document on Data Access and Intellectual Rights for datasets
Please read. Corinna sent pdf to im@lternet on 7 March as an attachment. I've put it here also:

2. ESIP Call for Sessions
due April 10
Call for volunteers for the ad hoc committee to plan the Summer IM Meeting at ESIP

3. Website Guidelines WG news
(spoiler alert: Mary Martin steps up to the plate, and the WG will extend beyond the IMC to include Communication people)

4. IM Training Survey
went out last week. Encourage everyone to participate. I learned how much I have to learn just by answering the questions. It was quick, and relevant.

5. IM Exec notes are posted
[Actually, these are not yet posted but when they are, PUT LINK HERE]
C (Miscellaneous) The NCO has posted a HowTo for getting and renewing ssl certs for, DIY. [PUT LINK HERE]

The next Water Cooler in April will have as its main topic the Quality Checker for PASTA.

Rough notes during VTC here:
temporarily, until edited and pasted on this page here.

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