2017-03-11 JMW notes

Wade - EB Report
Some of the new LTER sites are being formally announced
Two new sites have been announced formally. One Polar one Ocean/Coastal
How do we integrate into our IM group
One Ocean/Coastal
Two formal press releases this week
EB is receptive to our data policy changes.
EB receptive to new data management policy
Wade will brief EB more thoroughly this month for April meeting in Santa Barbara
That does not make sense. EB not coming to mid-Apr mtg. Maybe he meant the mid-May EB+SC meeting.
Next EB meeting March 27. Kristin will attend to present IMS Guidelines.

Working group updates
WiReD - no updateTraining WG - Steven
We’ve met a couple times
Finalizing things
Survey ready to be sent out as soon as Stevan writes cover letter
We are curious about best path forward to include EDI and NCO in commenting on this survey
We’ll let IMExec review first, then EDI and NCO
IMS guidelines working group which is also website guidelines group
Request for new chair. Kristin carried this WG thru the IMS Guidelines and is eager to pass the baton.
Marty Downes is willing but should a non Information Manager chair an IM working group?
Perhaps a co-chair arrangement
Mary Martin may be interested.
Is this something we can put off? Several sites are in the midst of their renewal and need to make big website decisions right away.
OR should we elevate this to be a broader effort, not just IM, but an LTER-wide working group.
Consensus: The IM guidelines working group should have participation with IMs but should become an LTER-wide group for broader participation. Okay to have Marty as Chair.

April water cooler topic will be PASTA congruence checker

IM guidelines document:
Okay except for network dependencies like ClimDB, SiteDB, PersonnelDB, BibDb.
Wade will write a sentence stating overall approach to handling such dependencies.

Data access policy - request for comment
CC “zero” and CC “by”
Very important to make it well known what the difference is.
Very important to realize “cc 0” is stating there IS NO license.
We are going to review it individually
Submit comments by April 15th (Formal deadline; earlier better)
Same doc went out to Site Exec. The one that went to the IM list says to discuss this with your site PI.

Report from Monthly meeting Gastil/Marty IMC/NCO laison-ing
At April “Confab”, a very brief document of the mission and scope of the IMC will be available, not presented.
SSL certifications are becoming important. Tech solution offered by NCO has been posted.
NCO will support SSL certs in a different way than the old LNO did. Instead of doing them for you, they suggest a service where you do your own. It is a 90 day renewal. Other solutions were discussed during imexec such as InCommon.