IMExec VTC 2017/02/09 Notes

Wade - EB Report
- Some of the new LTER sites are being formally announced
- Two new sites have been announced formally. One Polar one Ocean/Coastal
-- How do we integrate into our IM group
-- Two formal press releases this week
- EB is receptive the need for updates and clarification of data policy.
- Wade will brief EB more before the EDI/NCO/D1 "confab" April meeting in Santa Barbara
- Next EB vtc meeting March 27. Kristin will attend to present IMS Guidelines.

Working group updates

- WiReD - no update
- Training WG - Steven
-- We’ve met a couple times
-- Finalizing things
-- Survey ready to be sent out as soon as Stevan writes cover letter (update: has been sent out)
-- We are curious about best path forward to include EDI and NCO in commenting on this survey
-- We’ll let IMExec review first, then EDI and NCO
- IMS guidelines working group which is becoming website guidelines group
-- Need new chair. (update: Mary Martin accepted the position)
-- Marty Downs is willing but should a non Information Manager chair an IM working group?
--- moot since MM will chair. Marty will work closely.
-- Several sites are in the midst of their renewal and need to make big website decisions right away.
--- so cannot postpone.
--- a broader effort, not just IM, but an LTER-wide working group.
-- Consensus: The IM guidelines working group should have participation with IMs but should become an LTER-wide group for broader participation. Okay to have Marty as Chair. (Became moot since these notes were written.)

April water cooler topic will be PASTA congruence checker

IM guidelines document:
- Okay except for network dependencies like ClimDB, SiteDB, PersonnelDB, BibDb.
- Wade will write a sentence stating overall approach to handling such dependencies.

Data access policy - request for comment
- CC “zero” and CC “by”
-- Very important to make it well known what the difference is.
-- Very important to realize “cc 0” is stating there IS NO license.
- We are going to review it individually
- Submit comments by April 15th (Formal deadline; earlier better)
- Same doc went out to Site Exec. The one that went to the IM list says to discuss this with your site PI.

Report from Monthly meeting Gastil/Marty IMC/NCO laison-ing
- At April “Confab”, a very brief document of the mission and scope of the IMC will be available, not presented.
- SSL certifications are becoming important. Tech solution offered by NCO has been posted.
- NCO will support SSL certs in a different way than the old LNO did. Instead of doing them for you, they suggest a service where you do your own. It is a 90 day renewal. Other solutions were discussed during imexec such as InCommon.