IM Exec VTC 2017-04-05 agenda and notes

LTER IM Exec meeting (via Zoom)
Participants: M. Gastil-Buhl (chairing); Stevan Earl (note taker); Wade Sheldon; Yang Xia; Jason Downing joined the meeting mid-way to discuss logistics of the 2017 summer meeting of the ESIP. Jonathan Walsh was unable to attend.

Meeting agenda:

  • LTER Executive Board Report by Wade Sheldon
  • Discuss recommendations document submitted by the LTER Information Managers Skillset and Training Resources working group to the IM Exec for review
  • April Confab
  • ESIP meeting logistics
  • Working Group updates

LTER Executive Board Report by Wade Sheldon

  • The Science Council meeting agenda was discussed at length. They had not invited an EDI rep, so Peter McCartney will contact Corinna or Paul about coming or participating via VTC. Wade could also serve as liaison and relay comments.
  • Agreed that IM guidelines recently developed will be useful for sites but shared concerns about whether they are suitable as review guidelines. Peter Groffman will discuss this issue with Gastil, Wade, and Peter McCartney during the April Confab at UCSB, and bring recommendations to rest of EB at the late April VTC. Kristin is not convinced that these new guidelines are useful for hard criteria, so there is some uncertainty about how the newly constructed guidelines are to be employed. Peter is looking for formal community standards, and he and Kristin will discuss the merits of the revised guidelines, and appropriate steps forward.
  • Regarding data policy, some lead PIs have provided input in response to Corinna's soliciation for comments. While comments should go to Corinna, the consensus is that there should be a push to NSF for them to standardize their data guidelines. Data Policy will be discussed prior to the Science Council meeting for potential vote/recommendation. Again, they would like to see NSF reconcile differences among directorates. PIs are encouraged to reply to Corinna's email. CC-BY generally considered to be more compatible with research culture in LTER, and that could be a coming recommendation from the EB
  • ESIP: The enviro sensing group met, and will propose a breakout session on using existing sensor DM tools for end-to-end data management (Wade) and panel on emerging standards and interoperability (Janet Fredericks)

Recommendations document submitted by the LTER Information Managers Skillset and Training Resources working group to the IM Exec for review

Gastil noted that it is lacking reference to Ecoinformatics software except for EML

Yang: document would benefit from a more structured outline, e.g., using a numbering system instead of bullets

Wade: will respond later

Gastil: noted that it is interesting that Metabase is mentinoed almost as much as DIEMS; likes the idea of leveraging resources that we already have; suggests some content about archiving for a grant period versus a much longer period would be warranted, but also that that point may be more relevant to site PIs than IMs

For future steps, Gastil suggests sharing the document with PIs of new sites; sharing via a water cooler; and documenting on website

Yang: include content about gaining knowledge of intellectual rights policies

Next steps: IM Exec will provide recommendations and an endorsement; IM training group to address recommendations, and submit for review by the IMC at a water cooler

April Confab

Wade: critical point is to make sure all groups involved are clear on their roles, everyone knows what is expected of their group and of others; address conflicts sooner rather than later - the confab is to address this acutely, but it is important to maintain such communication into the future

ESIP meeting logistics

Jason Downing will coordinate meeting logistics; has created a GoogleDoc that he will share so that everyone can see and/or contribute to logistics.

recommending to host IMC meeting on Monday

Jason Downing suggesting to have the opportunity for IMC working groups to break out during the IMC meeting

Wade: will we or should we address current governance issues; NCO has been tasked with reviewing all of the standing committees, which could impact IMC; difficult to address these issues given uncertainty of IM representation, and unknowns such as coming recommendations from NCO; Wade suggests focusing on things over which we have some control and that we know are important to the IMC.

Gastil suggests that IM sites should be represented even if they are not present in person, we could take care of the closed business session formalities in a VTC so that all IMs could attted and participate in critical governance issues like voting; this would have the added benefit of freeing up time at ESIP for other activities more relevant to people in person at the meeting.

Jason to query IMs as to whether they are coming, and how to involve people if they are not planning to attend

Jason to coordinate arranging IMC sessions.

Jason asked Wade if we still need a closed sesssion if we do voting type activites in a VTC. Wade responding that there are issues that we do need to discuss and that we should indeed have a closed session so that IMs feel free to speak.

Gastil asking if we should have a conference call with our program officer? Wade responding that it may not be appropriate this year given all of the uncertaintiese; Jason suggesting that we should at least extend the offer; ultimately it was decided that Gastil and Wade will discuss this with Peter McCartney at the April confab, and we can decide based on that conversation

Jason will find out from Erin what type of flexibility we have regarding the Monday session, and address sessions as appropriate

Working Group updates

The IM training working group submitted draft guidelines as discussed earlier in the meeting.

From the website group: Mary Martin will lead this group going forward; will work with Marty Downs; have not met recently