IM Exec VTC 2017-05-10 agenda and notes

LTER IM Exec meeting (via Zoom)
Participants: M. Gastil-Buhl (chairing); Stevan Earl (note taker); Wade Sheldon; Yang Xia; Jonathan Walsh sends his regrets.

Meeting agenda:

  • IM Exec standing committee report
  • Information Management Council
  • ESIP meeting planning
  • June IMC water cooler planning

IM Exec standing committee report

  • IM Exec members attending this meeting crafted text for the IM Exec annual report in keeping with reporting that is expected of all committees by the LTER.

Information Management Council

  • Wade reported on a proposal by the NCO for the creation of an LTER Information Management Council that would supplant the current IMC/IM Exec model. This is in response to a request by the Executive Board for the NCO to review the structure of LTER committees generally.

ESIP meeting planning

  • Gastil: IM Exec needs to address agenda for 'LTER day' of July 2017 ESIP meeting.
  • Wade suggesting that most of the in-person time at the ESIP meeting should focus on strategic, technical tasks (pure learning) rather than formal governance issues, especially given that there is not a call currently for input on the evolving information management landscape. Topics should cover technical areas that are not necessarily covered in the ESIP sessions.
  • The plan we have proposed is to put a call out for internal working group sessions, that is technical sessions that the LTER community will work on during the 'LTER day' of the ESIP meeting. This will now be the topic for the June IMC water cooler at which we will solidify the topics to be discussed at ESIP, the presenters, and logistics generally.

June IMC water cooler planning

  • Given the urgency of planning ESIP meeting logistics, the topic of the June water cooler will shift from additional discussion of IM training to a discussion of LTER-specific content to address during the ESIP meeting.

* Note that working group updates were not addressed during this meeting.