July 2017 Water Cooler: Approach & Structure for the LTERnet website

Main Topic:

Approach & Structure for the LTERnet website.
Presented by Marty Downs

The NCO has engaged a website design company to help re-develop the lternet.edu site (public site for the Network, not the IM web site). Goals for the project are to make the site easier to navigate and to edit and to give it a more modern accessible look and feel. We are planning to incorporate the current intranet and gallery sites into the main site.

The new design will be responsive and accessible, with the ability to easily tag and relate content so that it can be reused throughout the site and found alongside similar items.

I know many IM's have recently completed or are involved in their own site redesigns, so I am particularly interested in hearing how you have been thinking about content categories and key audiences at your site. I have a straw-dog structure in the attached presentation (see below), but we are just developing navigation and database structure at this time, so now is the time for substantive input.

This is not the same as the Site Guidelines for Websites WG, but many of the concepts will relate.

Side Topics:

AGENDA updated for Annual IMC Meeting July 24.
* Viewable here: [ google spreadsheet link ]
* Screenshot as of July 7 here: [ version 4 ]

Sign-ups for Lightening talks will be here: [ google spreadsheet link ]

Wade may give a brief summary of recent EB topics.

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