September 2017 Water Cooler: Unit Dictionary

Live on Zoom at
at noon Pacific time, 2017-09-11

Presenter: Margaret O'Brien

Main Topic: The LTER Unit Dictionary
* Uses (Use Cases)
* Next steps
* Migration & Maintenance

See attached presentation or view it as a Google Presentation at this LINK

Our next IMC Virtual Water Cooler will take place next week on Monday, September 11th at 11am Alaska, 12pm Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern. This VWC topics include the LTER Unit Registry and Unit Dictionary and will be moderated by Margaret O’Brien representing EDI. Work on the LTER Unit Dictionary dates back to 2005, which led to the development of the Unit Task Force, UTF, in 2007 (remember the t-shirts?, if not, go see the group photo) and resulted in the two pivotal products, the Unit Registry (2011) and relevant Best Practice document (v14 2011) on formulation and use of scientific units within the community. EDI have been reviewing the registry and have begun to develop some recommendations for its future that they will share as well as the RFC process on the recommendations and planned implementation.

* 2007 group photo:
* Unit Registry:
* Best Practice document:
* Unit Working Group project page:

Side Topics:
* Get a note-taker for today's VWC
* Get an alternate moderator since we know Gastil's headphones are going to break again.
* Minutes posted (or will be soon) for Summer Meeting, Sept IM Exec
* Upcoming topics or things

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