October 2017 Water Cooler: Terms of Reference aka Bylaws

Live on Zoom at https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/8058932071
at noon Pacific time, 2017-10-16

Presenter: Don Henshaw

Main Topic: The IMC Bylaws, formerly known as Terms of Reference

In this session we will be discussing the revisions of the IMC Bylaws (previous called Terms of Reference or ToR).

Please be sure to review the proposed draft that the working group put together: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DBye3eABw47d0a77dbmPyhcTPWUGaAtPPCWe...
The working group notes are attached for review, but the proposed draft is the critical thing to read and be prepared to discuss. The notes outline some of their decision process.
Don will discuss the RFC process. This process will lead to an eventual vote, but we certainly want to wait until Eda and others affected by this year’s hurricanes are back up and running and able to contribute.

UPDATE 2018-04-11 attaching the revised final draft as a pdf to include this URL in the online vote to ratify.

LTER_IMC_bylaws_vtc_16October2017.pdf245.76 KB
LTER_IMC_TOR_v3_final_for_IMC_vote_20180411.pdf89.99 KB