February 2017 Virtual Water Cooler - Information Management Systems (IMS) Guidelines

February 13, 2017 12 pm PT/3 pm ET
Topic: Information Management Systems (IMS) Guidelines
Moderator: Kristin Vanderbilt
Connection Info: via Zoom at https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/322175707
The IMS Review Guidelines Committee: Kristin Vanderbilt, Suzanne Remillard, Yang Xia, John Porter, Emery Boose

We will discuss the most recent draft of the LTER IMS Guidelines document (LTER_IMS_Review_Criteria_V2.0._20170206.docx), based on the LTER IM Review Criteria document that was last updated in 2009. The document is intended to describe the functionality that an LTER IMS should have, but not dictate any specific implementation. Some of the items in the document are highlighted. These represent points about which we are uncertain, either because we're not sure that it belongs in the document, think it may need some word-smithing, or because it relies on a best practices document that is out-of-date.

20170213_VTC_IMS_Guidelines_notes_smr.pdf357.94 KB
LTER_IMS_Review_Criteria_V2.0._20170206.docx22.2 KB
IMC VTC Notes 2017-02-13 Boose.docx31.76 KB