November 2017 Water Cooler: EML Congruence Checker dateTime checks

Our monthly Virtual Water Cooler (VWC) session is Monday, November 13th at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST.

In addition to a few updates from IMEXEC, this month’s topic will be presented and moderated by the EML Congruency Checker (ECC) working group and specifically dateTime formats. We had a lightning talk on this topic at our annual meeting in July (see the newly posted annual IMC meeting report to see the slides;

A pdf of the slides for today's ECC discussion is attached. 'DateTime Checking in PASTA' by Margaret O'Brien

(Margaret will be traveling but she prepared this for us ahead of time.)

Nov2017VWC_DateTime_Checking_in_PASTA_OBrien.pdf533.58 KB