March 2018 VWC - Multi-repository landscape for archiving LTER data

Our March Virtual Watercooler session will focus on how the LTER IMC should adapt to the emerging multi-repository landscape for archiving LTER data. Connection details are below:

Date: Monday, March 12^th at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST

Topic: LTER IMC in a Multi-Repository Landscape

Background: Since a prototype data catalog was added to the LTER website in the late 1990's (the LTER Data Table of Contents*), there has been single canonical location to find a list of core data sets archived by LTER sites. Even as we've collaborated as a network on development of data federation systems (KNB, SEEK, and now DataONE) we've always maintained a distinct identity with our own catalog, and our practices, standards and working-group activities have centered around that shared resource and vision. However, with the transition from a dedicated network office to a shared data center model (EDI), and the increasing expectation that sites deposit (or link) data to NSF-program-specific repositories like the Arctic Data Center (ADC) and Biological and Chemical Data Management Office (BCO-DMO), it's worth discussing whether this approach is still valid. And if not, what that would mean for LTER IMC goals and activities. Representatives of EDI, ADC and BCO-DMO will join us this month for an informal discussion that we hope will lead to more detailed and strategic discussions in the near future or at the ASM.

See you online!

Wade Sheldon (GCE)

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