June 2018 VWC - Proposed agenda for our 1-day annual IMC meeting

Date: Monday, June 11th at 12 pm PDT/3 pm EDT
Topic: Proposed agenda for our 1-day annual IMC meeting and continued discussion about ASM workshops
Connection: https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/8058932071

For our June VWC, IMEXEC would like to present a proposed agenda for our 1-day IMC meeting at ASM (Sunday, September 30, 2018).
We solicit your input for ideas that we may have missed or other changes you’d like to see.
Proposed draft agenda:

Additionally, since the ASM workshop proposal deadline has shifted to June 15th, that allows us some more opportunity to review our proposed workshop ideas, learn about any new developments and further flesh out ideas.
Proposed workshop ideas:

The deadline for poster submission has shifted to June 30th.

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