August 2018 VWC: WIRED and Units working group updates

Date: Monday, August 13th at 12 pm PDT/3 pm EDT
Topic: Working Group updates, continued

In preparation for on annual IMC meeting on September 30th, we continue to share updates from working groups and other IM activities. For this upcoming August VWC, we will hear from two groups:

IM Website Improvement and Redesign (WIRED) - (Suzanne Remillard)

LTER Unit Registry & Dictionary (Units) - (Margaret O'Brien)

For our September 10th VWC, we will have a discussion on the types of questions we have planned to ask the attending NSF officers.

We are beginning to pull documents together for our meeting. These are available through our intranet Annual Meetings page:

There is a participant sheet that we ask you to complete, if you are attending the meeting.

See you around the water cooler!


WIRED WG update slides (PDF)844.38 KB
VWC Meeting Notes (PDF)86.63 KB