Current Status

Current Status of the Unit Dictionary.

Upon review of the 2007 snapshot of custom units retrieved from metacat, the following commonalities were determined where sites define custom units when they do not necessarily actually represent a custom unit.
1) The current custom unit could be replaced directly with a current standard unit.
2) The current custom unit actually represents an attribute. Therefore, the current listing should be separated into an attribute and a unit.
3) The unit has an incorrect unit type associated with it. When 'typed' correctly, it is not actually a unit.

Stumbling/Road block:
Identification of experts. Currently a panel of 3 people (one terrestrial, one aquatic, and one LNO EML guru) have reviewed the snapshot - who do we bring the list to, and how do we get them interested? How do we recruit? Each site knows their particular units best - it would be necessary to have each IM involved.

What is the future of EML? Some issues that arise, could be solved and or included in a new version of EML.

Next steps:
1) write up a best practices doc by March 30th
2) enable uploading of units to UnitDictionary/Registry

2009 IMC Working Group Report

Just wanted to post this for anyone who didn't see it under the IMC page: the Unit Working Group Report!


This group is currently working on the Best Practices document of Custom Units. The document is in progress and can be found within the IM Guide under Practices->Metadata.