LTER outreach to the Genomics Standards Consortium

Last December, Inigo San Gil represented LTER at the 5th Workshop of the Genomics Standards Consortium (GSC) as part of the outreach efforts in the biology community.

The outreach effort involved informing the young consortium about the LTER Metadata Standard, EML and explaining its relationship to the current working metadata standard developed in this group, the so called "Minimum Information about a Genome/Metagenome Sequence" (MIGS/MIMS).

At the meeting, Inigo explained the differences and similarities between both standards as well as a possible crosswalk. He also provided feedback on the XML schema candidate being developed by some at the GSC. In all, it was a productive meeting with the following outcomes.

- Wade Sheldon and Inigo San Gil will be the liaison persons for the GSC. Any one else interested in collaborating, is more than welcome to do so.

- LTER realizes that are EML is not adequate to describe genomic data. LTER would like to leverage the work at the GSC, possibly integrating the "Genomic Contextual Data Markup Language" (GCDML) at the top on the EML hierarchy.

- LTER will advise GSC on the development, implementation and best practices for their candidate XML schema, GCDML. This schema reflects the minimum metadata expressed in the MIGS/MIMS implementation

- A survey on Genomics reasearch at LTER is currently in preparation

- A report on these joint initiatives was published at the Journal of Integrative Biology.

- A brief report was presented during the Feb/2008 IMExec, and a call for consideration was presented before NISAC. Find a summary below.

The GSC has extensive information on their WiKi

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