Unit Registry - Docs and Discussion

Hi everyone - just though I'd start a thread on here for discussion about the Unit Registry service. I've attached the latest version of the technical specs, and I'll add more updates as development continues. I'll also put up summaries of our VTCs.

UR_TechDoc_v4.doc335.5 KB
URDeveloperGuide.pdf90.78 KB

Developer Guide

I've just added the Unit Registry Developer Guide - take a look if you're interested in developing with the UR web service!

Unit Registry demo

Hi all -

If you're interested in seeing some samples of how the Unit Registry can be used in a web page, check out:


You can see how the requests are sent, and what the returns look like (both XML and STMML). There's also a demo EML checker. We'll be adding more functions as we work towards a true web interface prototype.

Hi all

I just discovered this forum during the vtc given by Mason and Lynne. I'll try to catch up on things and maybe I can help you experiment with your code. Thanks! Jonathan