2010 Drupal Training Workshop for Early Adopters

Upcoming Drupal Training notes:

As the dates of our Drupal training come, I want to give you some notes about logistics and expectations about this meeting.

History note: Originally this effort was started as a Post-ASM proposal titled "PASTA a la carte". The original doc may still be buried in your email (except for Anya & Preston)

WHEN: Fly in ABQ, Monday Oct 25. Fly back Fri Oct 29, or if you live nearby, fly past 6pm on thursday.

A note on logistics: Buy your tix now if you havent done so, either use Rio Grande travel (google for details, say you come to an LTER training, mention George Garcia). You can do your own arrangements, you'd be reimbursed through the network office (up to coach class, sorry).

Tell us your schedule in advance, we may be able to get you in and out of the airport easy. George will lodge you in the uptown or downtown area (no pun intended, there are more choices :).

Please let us (george/me) know about what your details are for the comings and goings, we want to make your stay easier while here.

WHO: We are funded for 5 or 6 out-of-Albuquerque folks.

WHAT: This is the most important

Learn while we create

  1. Revisit some Drupal basics
  2. Contribute with some advanced Drupal stuff
Moving Agenda

Some specific current interests in which we may delve as a group, or as subgroups of threesomes or some-somes.

This is a "living target list" of topics of interest that will be refined as the date gets closer.

  • Gmaps & Research sites
  • [KV -- I suggest an exercise where we all set this up]
    [Hap -- yes, I would like this exercise also]

  • Hierarchical taxonomy
  • Exposing data to Drupal,
  • [KV -- How about an exercise embedding a search tool in IFrame module?]

  • Drupal2EML & viceversa.
  • [KV -- Let's talk about how o get a nice printable version of the metadata for users]
    [Hap -- Yes, we'll need a nice view of the metadata in Drupal and a printable version]

  • Ad-hoc search interfaces
  • Maintaining your Drupal site with as little effort as possible (Automating cron and db backup, updating core/modules with drush)
  • Creating custom modules
  • ETC (write comments HERE: views, backup, panels - EDA)
  • [KV -- I suggest a couple of exercises: 1) an easy one of creating a view to show the directory. And then create a view to query the datasets by author, keyword, etc.]
    [Hap -- I am sure we will have many discussions of various modules (pros/cons) one in particular Display Suite vs Panels, http://www.jyvesgarden.com/blog/display-suite-vs-panels, that Marshall had mentioned at the IMC meeting at KBS which he thought was easier to work with]

Examples that may come in the ETC category:
backup, migration, import, export, security, drush, views, panels, autocategorise, calais, related terms, etc.

  • How can we incorporate the DAS into Drupal?
  • This is a living doc that you can EDIT and add your desired topic in

    attendants please fill out a quick SURVEY about the workshop