IMEXEC Tasks 2010

IMExec Tasks and IM Working Groups rev.10/12/2010

IMC Chairs: Don Henshaw (AND, IMC co-chair 2012), Margaret O'Brien (SBC, IMC co-chair 2012)
IMExec Members: Sven Bohm (KBS, 2012), Emery Boose (HFR, 2012), Corinna Gries (CAP, 2011), Suzanne Remillard (AND, 2011), and Dan Bahauddin (CDR, 2013).
Ex officio members include: James Brunt (LNO), Yang Xia (LNO), John Porter (VCR, NISAC co-chair) [not sure on this one yet].

IMEXEC Tasks & Roles:

IMC Co-Charis (Margaret & Don)
--set the agenda for month VTCs and at winter IMEXEC meeting, submit Spring report to EB, herd cats

Keeper of the lists (Suzanne)
--Lists to keep include IMEXEC membership, NISAC membership, Databits Editors, Active Working Groups, WG leaders, and WG IMEXEC liaisons.

Note Keeper (Emery)
--Take notes, post notes, email IMC that notes are posted.

Virtual Water Coolers and other VTC scheduler (Sven)
--Keep VWC webpage up-to-date, schedule VWC with topic moderators and with James Williams at LNO, send out VWC doodle and a reminder email, ensure that notes are recorded and posted, keep track of participation.

Annual meeting organizer (Corinna, Dan)
--Meeting organization, logistics, web site

EB Representative (Corinna)
--Attend all EB VTCs and meetings, report to IMEXEC

2010 Active Working Groups - leader (IMEXEC liaison)
• Controlled Vocabulary - John Porter (Don)
• Units – Mason Kortz (Sven)
• IMC Governance - Karen Baker (Emery)
• Web Services & Database Redesign - Mason Kortz (Corinna)
• GIS - Adam Skibbe, (Suzanne)
• EML Best Practices - Margaret O'Brien, (Margaret )
• EML Congruency Checker - Margaret O'Brien, (Margaret )
• IMC Website - Corinna Gries, (Corinna)