IM Representatives to the Executive Board

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IM Representatives to the Executive Board
IMEXEC tends to target particular people to serve as EB representative, although anyone can volunteer. The IMC votes on who will represent them, usually at the annual IMC business meeting before the term begins.
Service switch was typically at the Spring Science Council meeting, but beginning in 2017 or 2018 (TDB), it will begin after the Science Council meeting.
Executive Board notes are here:

IM Representative and Site Affiliation Term Begins Term Expires
Dan Bahauddin (CDR) 2018 2021
Wade Sheldon (GCE) 2016 2018*
Margaret O'Brien (SBC) 2014 2016*
Emery Boose (HFR) 2011 2014
Corinna Gries (NTL) 2008 2011
Don Henshaw (AND) 2005 2008
Peter McCartney (CAP) 2002 2005 1st official IMC rep
John Porter (VCR) 1999 2002 unofficial IMC rep

*Margaret O'Brien's EB Rep term was scheduled to end in 2017. Because Margaret has moved to full-time with EDI, she is stepping down from that position. Also in 2016, due to the transition from LNO to NCO and newly formed EDI, it is unclear how IMC will interact in this new environment. It was decided that IMC would suspend the ToR for one year and revisit governance next year. It was decided that IMEXEC would include only 5 people rather than 7. Both Gastil and Wade were serving as IMEXEC members and were also chosen to serve as IMC Chair and EB Rep, respectively. Elections were not held. It is not clear whether Wade is replacing Margaret or starting his own new 3 year term. Wade began attending EB meetings in September 2016 and rotates off of IMEXEC in 2018.

Long Term Ecological Research Network Bylaws (Revision 2.0, May 18, 2006)
Article V, 2.4 Information Management Representative
The LTER Information Management (IM) Committee shall select one member from among them to serve as the Information Management Representative to the Executive Board. The IM Committee shall determine the method by which the Representative is selected. The Information Management Representative is a non-voting member of the Executive Board and shall serve a single three (3) year term. In addition to the responsibilities shared by all Executive Board members, the Information Management Representative shall serve as the liaison between the Executive Board and the Information Management Committee providing insight on informatics, technology implementation, and human-technology infrastructure issues as well as on design and implementation of federated information system activities. In the event that an Information Management Representative is removed or not able to fulfill his or her term, the IM Committee will choose a replacement to complete the term.