2010 IMC Breakout Summary

The Unit Working Group held a meeting during breakout session VI of the 2010 IMC meeting, on Friday, September 24th. The meeting was attended by co-chairs Mason Kortz and Linda Powell, Suzanne Remillard, Sven Bohm, and Jason Downing. The meeting began with a presentation summarizing the previous year's activities:

Highlights of the year in review include:

  • Change in co-chair: Linda Powell is now a co-chair and the lead for the content group
  • Post-ASM funding: The working group was awarded post-ASM funding to hold site visits focused on implementing the Unit Registry
  • Unit Best Practices revised
  • Unit Registry developed and deployed to LNO
  • Unit Registry populated (6 sites) and implemented (4 sites)

Following the presentation, the group discussed useful next steps. The following goals were identified:

  • Contact each IM individually to request custom units for the Unit Registry (Linda Powell)
  • Set up VTC training sessions on use and management of the Unit Registry (Mason Kortz/Linda Powell)
  • Further revise Unit Best Practices: include explict support for non-compliant units, abbreviations and definitions, assigning quantities, and the vetting process (Unit Working Group)
  • Create a Unit Working Group Terms of Reference (Mason Kortz)
  • Create a Metacat search on attribute names that would return a list of units used for that particular attribute (dicussed but not assigned)
  • Finally, discussion was held on incorporating the Unit Registry into a training session, possibly the proposed Web Services training session.