2007 Workshop - presentations

Background presentations from the 2007 workshop on QA/QC for derived data:

• Sheldon: Survey of Current Practices for Reporting Missing, Qualified Data
• Henshaw: Characterization of quality flag use in LTER ClimDB records
• Sheldon: Synthesis of Incomplete and Qualified Data using the GCE Data Toolbox
• Laney: Trends approach to re-sampling, integrating incomplete, qualified primary data
• Cushing/Ramsey: Grasslands ANPP Data Integration (JRN, SEV, SGS)
• Servilla: Provenance tracking in PASTA framework
• Schildhauer: Provenance in Scientific Workflows on SEEK
• Hooper: CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System – Features of the Observational Data Model

Also attached is a strawman document containing potential classes, sub-classes and sub-sub-classes of qualifier flags discussed in a workshop break-out group. Detailed, site-specific flags could be mapped to subclasses or sub-subclasses of flags from a controlled vocabulary such as this to capture specific explanations for missing and/or qualified values, then mapped to general classes (good, estimated, questionable, missing, ...) during data synthesis and re-sampling to communicate this information more generally.

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