Contributing a Job Advertisement

  • All job advertisements are of the content type 'story':
  • click on the 'create content' link in the left menu below your name and choose the content type 'story'
  • add a title
  • add the category 'employment' from the pulldown
  • add the body of the text

if you save this now it will show up on the right side of the home page under 'Job Fair'. However, you can set a few further things by scrolling down the page:
URL path settings: this will set a readable URL for your page. It would be good to follow the already established patterns:
e.g. jobs/whatever_the_job_is. This helps if you want to link from a different page to this, but has no real effect on where the page is and can be changed any time again.

  • Comment settings: you can turn off the ability to leave comments to this page.
  • Menu settings: don't set anything for the menu
  • File attachement: well, you can attach a file here
  • Authoring Information: you can change the author here if you are posting for somebody else