Managing a Project (working group section)

The basic Drupal content type of projects (except for Software Developments) is the 'Book' from which other parts may be accessed. A Book can be organized into main sections and subsections (think of it as chapters). At any time you can add a section at any level by clicking 'Add Child Page' at the level you want to add another section. For example this help book is currently organized into:

Website Help

    1. Contributing Content

        1.1 Contributing Job Advertisements
        1.2 Contributing News Items
        1.3 Contributing Meeting Notes

    2. Managing a Project

        2.1 VTC and Meeting Notes for the Project
        2.2 Adding Software Development Management Section
        2.3 Adding a Discussion Forum to the Project

It will help other contributors to your project if you think a little in advance about the general organization and set up the main sections. However, everything can be reorganized at a later stage too, so don't worry about it too much and get started.

At the level where you want to add another page (or another section) click on 'Add child page' which is a link on the bottom of that particular page. Add a title, which will show up as link to this page on the next higher section (where you clicked 'Add child page'). To follow the example above, on the page 'Website Help' clicking 'Add child page' will add another section at the level of 'Contributing Content' and 'Managing a Project', i.e. on the page 'Website Help' it will add another link to the new page.

If appropriate pick some tags from the pulldowns (IM categories and/or sites if the content pertains to any of those terms)

Enter the body of text (which may just be sentence to start another section (e.g. the page 'Contributing Content' has three pages organized underneath it and not much text itself).

If you save this now it will be part of the project documentation wherever you inserted the page. The links to and from other pages within this structure are managed for you.

You can set a few further things by scrolling down the page:
URL path settings: this will set a readable URL for your page. It would be good to follow the already established patterns:
e.g. help/contributing_content/contributing_job_ads. This helps if you want to link from other placed to this information, but has no real effect on where the page is and can be changed any time again. It will create a lot of work if you intend to change the organization later!

  • Weight: determines the sequence of links on the previous page. If you leave this on 0 all links will be sorted in alphabetical order, but you can control the order here by assigning a weight to each page. (On this page the link to ' VTC and Meeting Notes for the Project' is forced to appear before 'Adding Software Development Management Section')
  • Comment settings: you can turn off the ability to leave comments to this page.
  • Menu settings: don't set anything for the menu
  • File attachement: well, you can attach a file here
  • Authoring Information: you can change the author here if you are posting for somebody else