Adding Software Development Management Section

If your project includes major software developments you may want to consider organizing that in the Drupal content type 'Project'. This content type will handle issues (bugs), software releases and documentation in a better way than the Book content type can. However, if you are not intending to take advantage of these features book sections will do just fine and you can always manage your code in either google code or the LNO SVN repository and link to that from your pages.

To use the Drupal 'Project' content type click 'create content' choose the content type 'Project' and follow the instructions from there. Make sure you remember the url for your software development project and link to it from one of your project's book pages.

Software development projects may be tagged with your project (working group) name and one or more IM category tags. This will ensure better discoverability for your software development section.

Once the software tool is developed you should consider describing it in the IM practices section and linking to it from there as well.