Finding lost Pages (Nodes)

It can happen that you loose a page you just created because you forgot to copy the url of the page, or mistyped it etc. Whatever the reason, don't panic nothing gets 'lost' in Drupal - you can, however, delete things permanently!

Back to the lost page - if you have appropriate access rights click on 'Content' and you will see a long list of existing pages (called 'nodes' in Drupal). If you just created it, the particular node will be listed on the top marked with a red 'new' or 'updated' and you can simply click on the title and recover the url information to properly link it, or set the appropriate tag for it to show up in a certain place. If you are looking for an older node there are some filtering options on this page, but it will help if you know the title of the node and it will mean some clicking through the long list.

If you don't see the link 'Content' in your menu contact the current site admin and s/he can go through the above steps to recover your page.

For most people, the 'Content' link appears on the left under your login name, once you are logged in. If you have admin privilege, Administer -> Content management -> Content. Or go directly to

The replacement for the above link is:
It is not precisely identical, but similar in function to the old im/admin/content/node