Where do I put ...

  • Document and power points in preparation for a VTC before the VTC - see Contributing Meeting Materials and Notes
  • Minutes from a VTC - see Contributing Meeting Materials and Notes
  • A short News Item - see Contributing News
  • A job advertisement - see Contributing a Job Advertisement
  • Material for my working group, see Managing a project (working group section) (reports, documents, etc.)
  • A thought or comment regarding some existing content - either add a comment to that particular page, or edit the page and add your thoughts that way
  • Information on new technology I just came across - add a page in the appropriate place in the IM practices section
  • Information from another web site that pertains to an IMC activity (e.g., a production workshop report or NIS timeline or plan) - add a link or a page in that project or working group's area, as in "Material for my working group", above