Jornada Basin SiteBytes 2011

This year we have been busy preparing for our LTER site renewal proposal and migrating our website content and functionality to a Drupal based website. We plan to have the new website completed prior to submitting the renewal proposal in February 2012.

Using 2010 site supplement funds, JRN was able to increase the storage capacity of our storage area network (SAN), hire a database person for a year, and to increase the capacity of our production virtual server pool, We fully populated our older SAN storage enclosure by adding 18 TB of storage, We hired a person for 1 year to assist in populating all JRN long-term datasets to relational database tables (SQL Server 2008 R2), All long-term datasets should be uploaded to the database by the end of the year. We purchase a new server to add another server to the production server pool to support the increasing number of virtual servers in use at the Jornada, such as the EcoTrends server.

Barbara Nolen has been working with ESRI to upgrade the Jornada's GIS metadata from ArcGIS v9.3.1 to v10. ESRI changed the metadata format in version 10 which required us the either upgrade the older FGDC metadata or to re-enter all GIS metadata. Unfortunately, we were not able to upgrade the existing metadata. Barbara will be re-entering the GIS metadata for all long-term datasets by the end of the year.

Ken Ramsey is implementing the Drupal Information Management System (DEIMS). DEIMS will provide data catalogs for the new Jornada website and support generation of EML for all JRN datasets. DEIMS has been deployed to a development server to minimize impacting the new production website. The data catalog view pages are being constructed to provide the interfaces to the data catalogs for all Jornada research projects, including the Jornada Basin LTER project. The new website will host and provide access to data and information collected by the Jornada and our research partners. The next step will be to populate the content in Drupal from our existing relational databases. We plan to finish populating and implementing DEIMS and the new website prior to submitting the renewal proposal.

Jim Lenz and Ken Ramsey successfully deployed the EcoTrends website to the Jornada. The EcoTrends website is now hosted and maintained by JRN. During the migration, we updated content on the website and corrected some problems that had not been identified previously. We updated the ClimDB metadata reports for all sites and some of the site description documents that were either missing or contained editing comments. Problems were corrected that kept handful of datasets' metadata from being uploaded into EcoTrends. We also updated the EcoTrends bibliography page.

Overall, this has been a busy and productive year for information management at the Jornada. Many of our site efforts coincide with the upcoming cross-site IM workshops. We look forward to completing the the website and to participating in the SensorNIS, DEIMS, and GeoNIS workshops.