Konza Prairie SiteBytes 2011

At the site level this past year was largely dedicated to preparing for Konza's midterm site review. The focus up until this was catching up dataset for 2 year compliance and a complete revamp and release of a new website for Konza LTER (http://www.konza.ksu.edu) which is 100% dynamically driven against SQL Server backend. The preparation for and subsequent review have left us in a good place having caught up with many of the things we had been working hard on, and should allow more proactive advancements in as we move forward.

Outside datasets at Konza: We do currently store a few outside datasets but per the NSF requirements this is getting to be such that we've had to write up language to provide researchers in search of a repository for their data. That said, we currently only offer a means of archiving said data and nothing more. Additionally I've been notified of sizable projects coming in who will most likely work against our infrastructure... LTER input vs. guidance levels are yet to be determined.

The bulk of the 2010 supplement was used to hire student hourly programmers who assisted with web development and a few necessary tools to assist in working against our SQL backend. Additional funds went to hiring a part time GPS/GIS worker, and attendance to the fall 2010 GIS2EML meeting at the Andrews.