2011 Proposals (11/1/2011)

November 1st, 2011 (proposals attached below)

Proposed Product Oriented Working Groups
(title, submitter, funds requested)
• Enhancing NIS Data Portal Tiger Team to facilitate matching the function of the NIS Data Portal to LTER community needs - Pockman, Porter & Servilla ($xxxx)
• Requirements for the EML Dataset Congruency Checker (ECC) - Margaret O'Brien ($xxxx)
• SiteDB restructuring and enhancement to support the Integration of ClimDB/HydroDB and StreamChemDB into the N - Don Henshaw ($xxxx)

IM Release Time
• PersonnelDB Web Services -James Conners ($xxxx)
• EML Diagnosis and BP Implementation Mentor - Gastil-Buhl and Bohm -- ($xxxx)

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NIS_Data_Portal_Prod_orient_WG_Proposal_12.docx22.7 KB
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